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Post by poordom » Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:10 pm

Good afternoon All,

I have been using X-10 for several years, via an OCELOT controller, works pretty good, without too many problems.

I am looking at gradually changing over to Z-Wave.

There are obviously lots of differences between the X-10 and the Z-Wave protocol, I am confused by the following.

Is it necessary to purchase the Z-Stick, along with the Z-Command.

From what I understand, in the Gen 5 version or Z-Wave PLUS, one only needs to add the device from the controller and that is it, no sticks required, is this correct ?

If this is the case, using the Z-Stick is only meant to provide easier access to the devices which one wants to add, is this also correct ?



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Post by admin » Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:05 pm

Hi Dom,

Welcome to the forum.

The term "z-wave controller" is often used ambiguously to refer to the hardware that's the "master" node of a z-wave network (usually with node ID 1; the USB z-wave dongle) or a high level device, often with a built in web server with lots of added features to facilitate easy user interaction with the z-wave network. Z-Command falls into the latter category. Sometimes, the z-wave controller node (the former) is built into the high level device (the latter).

Depending on the product variant you order, you can buy Z-Command with or without a z-stick (the z-wave controller node). This sometimes makes sense because you can use other types of USB z-wave controllers with Z-Command aside from the bundled Gen 5 Aeon Labs Z-Stick.

As for ease of linking other z-wave devices to the network by being able to disconnect the USB z-wave controller and walking up to other z-wave devices, that is a unique feature of the Aeon Labs Z-Stick and not a z-wave feature per se.

Hope this clears things up.

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